Project Description

KORONIOS SAFE Cash protector safes with time delay.

Time locks by KORONIOS SAFE are intended to secure money during armed robbery. For this reason they have the following characteristics:

–Electronic time delay mechanism
–Very durable and robust construction that prevents them from being broken by common tools
– Ability to kneel on the floor

Cash protector safes with time-delay system by KORONIOS SAFE are manufactured in two types, with twoor three drawers according to the customer needs.

Inside the first drawer of the safesis a plastic money and coin insert.

The second drawer as a separate place where we place the money ready to deposit nto the third time-delay protected drawer. The first two drawers secure with two key locks.

The third drawer is protected by an electronic time-delay lock EN1300 approved. In the two drawer cash protector safe, the money insert is in the same drawer with the money drop area.