Project Description

KORONIOS SAFE produces safes according to international technical specifications.
By applying the modern methods of production and by using materials with the highest security level, KORONIOS SAFE manufactures high quality safes.

Safes are manufactured and tested according to EN 1143-1 specifications for safes up to grade VI. Safes are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000 quality system.

The locks, combination locks or electronic locks used in the locking system to fit customer needs are certified according to EN1300.

All safes have a relocking device.

The technical methods used in the surface finishing gives the safe an elegant style.

Safes are produced in the following dimensions.

Locks, locks, electronic locks or timing mechanisms used in the locking system always according to customer requirements, are EN1300 certified.

All safes are fitted with a special relocking device.

The finishing of the surfaces is done with the most modern technical methods, finally giving a very nice design result.

Production safes are manufactured in the following dimensions.

KS 60 604040
KS 70755555
KS 1001006060
KS 1301306565
KS 1501507575
KS 1701708585
KS 1901909595
KS2 17017012085
KDS 801958585
KDS 11019511085