Project Description

KORONIOS SAFE offers a great variety of optional locking systems by representing the largest lock manufacturing companies.

1. 144 Hour Time Lock
The safes which are equipped with time locks have the capability to be locked for an exact period of time, up to 144 hours.

2. Time Delay locks
Time delay locks are UL Listed Type 1 and they have a delay time οf 1 to 9 minutes. They can fit in the internal or the external of the safe.

3. UL Listed Combination locks
Combination locks have 1.000.000 combinations for 3 wheel models and 100.000.000 for 4 wheel models, and they come with a spy proof dial.

4. High Security Key Locks
Security key locks are UL Listed or EN 1300 certified.

5. Electronic locks with time lock, time delay functions and many users.